What You Need To Know About Vitamin C & Zinc


As COVID-19 remains an unclear virus because just when we thought things were cooling down a bit, the entire world is bracing for the second wave of COVID-19. After the numbers of cases went down all over the world, we are now seeing the numbers skyrocket again, causing panic for the second time in less than a year.

Which is why taking care of your body and strengthening your immune system is more important now than ever, and here is how; It is quite clear that the main focus of doctors regarding boosting our immunities against COVID-19 and any other type of respiratory influenza is our daily intake of vitamin C and Zinc. All doctors are emphasizing on the importance of vitamin C, whether via supplements or food.

Along with eating foods that are enriched with vitamin C and zinc like tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic, taking dietary supplements can also ensure you have the recommended dosage of vitamins per day. Limitless C-Zinc is a lozenge for adults and children ages 6 and up. This lozenge contains 100g of vitamin C and 5g of zinc, which is the recommended dosage to help boost your immune system. The recommended dosage for adults is two lozenges per day and 1 lozenge for children ages 6 and up. With Limitless C-Zinc, you can protect both yourself and your community from COVID-19’s second wave by boosting your immune system.

Limitless C-Zinc is also safe for diabetics and patients with high blood pressure.

The following is the recommended daily dose for vitamin C and zinc supplements per day and per age group: Vitamin C • Kids ages from 1-3: 15mg • Kids ages from 4-8: 25mg • Adolescents ages from 9-13: 45mg • Teens ages from 14-18: 65-75mg • Adult women ages 19+: 75mg • Adult men ages 19+: 90mg • Pregnant women: 85mg • Breastfeeding women ages 19+: 120mg
Zinc • Children ages from 4-8: 5mg • Children ages from 9-13: 8mg • Teens ages from 14-18: 9mg • Women: 8mg • Men: 11mg

With proper protection which includes a healthy diet and Limitless C-Zinc, you will be able to protect yourself and your family from any respiratory viruses and especially COVID-19.