Reasons that may lead to back pain and ways to avoid and treat it.


Complaining about back pain is a very common issue, as back pain is the most common reason for seeking medical treatment and absenteeism from work.

In the following, we learn about the most important causes of back pain and how to avoid and treat them:

Causes of back pain:

● Sleeping in the wrong way is one of the most important reasons that lead to sudden back pain.
● Exposure to cold air, such as using fans or air conditioners, causes back pain.
● Heavy lifting in a wrong way, which exposes the spine to severe pressure and that causes back pain.
Excessive exercise affects the back, and it may be caused by a sprain in the bones or joints as a result of sudden movement.
Obesity may cause back pain due to the effect of weight gain on the spine.
● Many women may suffer from back pain, which is caused by wearing high-heeled shoes, which increases pressure on the bones and spine.

How to avoid and treat back pain:

Doing simple sports or walking can be a solution to treat back pain resulting from sitting for a long time.
● When sitting at work for long periods, be careful to stand up after every twenty minutes to stretch your body, try to bend your body back slightly while standing to reduce pressure on the back.
● For women, wearing high-heels less frequently to preserve the health of the spine.
● Place cold compresses on the back using ice cubes for two days and replace them with warm compresses, which helps reduce pain in the back.
● Take painkillers for back pain, such as Stopadol, "Paracetamol," which is the fastest pain reliever for back pain ..
● When sleeping, you can lie on your back with a pillow under the knees, which helps to keep the spine in a proper position that helps to relax and get rid of pain