Essential Vitamins To Boost Your Immunity This Winter


Since the beginning of the pandemic, zinc has been added to all preventive and treatment therapeutic protocols in Egypt and the world due to its unique ability in prevention against COVID 19 As zinc:
1) Activating the Natural killer immune cells to counter viral infection.
2) A recent study has also proven Inhibit Coronavirus family replication in human cells by Inhibiting Coronavirus RNA polymerase, which leads to preventing the virus from multiplying in human cells.

The recommended daily allowance of zinc to support immunity and other functions is 8-11 mg daily.
It is worth noting that zinc is abundant in shellfish, red meat and some nuts such as cashews, but in very small proportions in beans , grains and some legumes, which makes the chances of zinc deficiency in the Egyptian citizen great, so it is recommended to use zinc sources such as Carnivita Forte tablets because it contains an adequate concentration of Zinc for immune support.

Levocarnitine is considered as the only shuttle to burn the harmful fatty acids into energy for all cells growth in the body. However, levocarnitine has indispensable role to support the immune system, as it works on:
1) Protect immune cells from early death (apoptosis).
2) Reducing acute inflammatory enzymes.
3) Helps regulate white blood cells to fight infection.
4) As a powerful and endogenous antioxidant against harmful oxidizing agents resulting from viral activity.
And that results in adding levocarnitine in some official recommendations to prevent infection or to protect the medical staff in contacts with patients during the Corona pandemic.

Carnivita Forte has the highest concentration of levocarnitine (1000 mg), which has many benefits and roles in different cells of the body, in addition to the zinc 50 mg as zinc gluconate (absorption of pure zinc 7.17 mg), which is crucial for many vital functions & biochemical process of the body.
Doctors recommend the use of Carnivita Forte in a dose of one tablet daily to support immunity.
It is worth noting that Carnivita Forte has many other medicinal uses that are of interest to all family members, as it is used in infertility cases in men and women.